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Do the Australian Watercraft Registry go in to the water and rescue people?
No, but yes. As an organisation, it’s not our role to conduct rescues. We are a company that cares about ocean goers, and are putting in place a database of such people, so that in an emergency, their details are available. The rescues will be conducted by state authorities, or volunteer organisations such as Surf Life Saving Australia, Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, and the Volunteer Marine Rescue.

With that being said, our founder, Adam Smith, volunteers his time to a Marine Rescue base on active duty to the equivalent of 13 weeks’ full time per year. Adam’s qualifications are:

  • Certificate 2 Transport and Distribution (Coastal Maritime Operations, Coxswain)
  • Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency (MROCP)
  • TDMMF107B Assist in Search and rescue Operations
  • TDM10107 Elements of shipboard Safety
  • TDM20307 Observe Safety and Emergency procedures on a Coastal Vessel
  • TDMMF1107B Survive at Sea in the event of a vessel abandonment.
  • TDMMH1207B. Plan and navigate a short voyage within inshore waters
  • TDMMC707C Apply seamanship skills and techniques when operating a small vessel
  • Currently studying a Masters of Business degree at QUT Gardens Point


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