About Us

Our Mission

At AUSTWR, we are dedicated to improving the safety of our members and providing a simple way to identify lost watercraft and equipment in order to return them to the rightful owner. In addition to this, we aim to provide information services to relevant Maritime Authorities in order to rapidly identify lost watercraft and their owners in order to aid authorities to make informed decisions about search and rescue operations.

This service is designed to support our community of watersport enthusiasts as well as the services that keep patrol our waterways and keep us safe.


Our People

We are a team of water safety, search and rescue and maritime experts. Coming from a diverse range of backgrounds and inspired by a genuine opportunity for improvement in our industry, AUSTWR are dedicated to becoming an international authority and thought leader in this space.

Our Managing Director, Adam Smith, is a Marine Rescue veteran who continues to volunteer his time to the Marine Rescue Authority for 13 weeks per year. In addition to this experience Adam has undertaken a number of certifications and formal education paths focusing on Marine Rescue, Search and Safety.

Transport and Distribution (Coastal Maritime Operations)

Radio Operations Certificate of Proficiency

Certification in Assist in Search and Rescue Operations

Shipboard Safety

Safety and Emergency Procedures on a Coastal Vessel

Survival at Sea

Short Voyage Navigation

Seamanship Skills for Small Vessels

Why Become a Member?

Increase your chances of having lost watercraft or equipment returned to you.

Give Maritime Search and Rescue instant access to your vital information to confirm your safety or if they are unable to do so, commence immediate search and rescue operations.

Water Police have access to our database of information making it easy for them to identify the owner of lost crafts and equipment and proactively reach out to the registered owners.

Support your community by reducing the risk of unnecessary search and rescue procedures being commenced.

Our Products and Services

The Australian Watercraft Registry has built a member database to store the relevant details of watercrafts, equipment and owners and provide information services to authorities in the event that you become separated from your belongings and to allow members to report their equipment as missing.Our Halo Tags are the highest quality tagging system and have been designed to be durable and stand up to the elements. We are also working with relevant Maritime organisations to standardise the way in which we record information about our members to provide a swift delivery of vital information in the event of a potential emergency.As an AUSWR member, you will be able to order multiple tags for all of your recreational watercraft equipment and manage your membership, your tags and your vital information in one central and convenient place.


Call now to speak to one of our experts about how becoming a member can help protect you, your equipment and our community.