Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits of becoming an AUSTWR Community Member. Not only will you be joining a community of like minded individuals who enjoy the benefits that an active life on and around the water can bring, but also help to pioneer a concept that has the potential to save the precious and often over-stretched resources of our Maritime Safety and Water Police services with a view to saving more lives.

Protect your safety

Whilst water related activities are fun, promote fitness and help to make the most of our beautiful coasts and waterways, there is a heightened risk of danger when participating in any activity involving open bodies of water. By becoming a AUSWR member you are electing to register your details with a centralised point of contact, so that in the event of an accident or suspected emergency, you are your watercraft can be identified quickly, and contacted in the first instance to avoid unnecessary search and rescue operations, or to confirm that you are in need of assistance should the worst happen.

Protect your equipment

Waterways can be unpredictable, and it is common for rising tides and rapid changes in conditions to cause you to be separated from your watercraft or equipment. Having your assets correctly tagged and identifiable means that if a member of the community or other authorities find your missing equipment, that they will be able to contact us to identify the owner of the equipment and organise to have it returned to you as soon as possible.

Support local communities

At AUSTWR, we have the sole aim of building a strong community of water activity enthusiasts who are supportive of our goals as an organisation. We were born out of our backgrounds in water safety and search and rescue and have built our products and services to provide members of the community with a simple and affordable way to protect their equipment and increase their levels of safety when participating in water activities.

Assist in Emergencies

Protecting your watercraft and equipment is important, but protecting your safety and life is paramount. The AUSTWR offers members a way to be contacted immediately should their watercraft be found unattended in order to quickly determine whether emergency search and rescue operations are required. In this situation, the best case scenario is that you are safe and well, however should you not be contactable, we will have a database of information about you to provide to relevant authorities in order for them to respond to the situation as quickly as possible.

Reduce rescue costs

The additional benefit, and one that has a huge impact on the resources and capabilities of our search and rescue teams is providing them as well as Maritime Police with an easy way to identify you as the owner of the watercraft, and contact you immediately to find out whether an emergency situation exists or is likely to exist. A simple phone call to you to confirm that you are safe, and that you became separated from your watercraft accidentally has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in search and rescue efforts. By becoming a community member, and actively engaging with our organisation if your watercraft becomes lost, you could help save our volunteer search and rescue team resources and minimise the risk to the lives of their volunteers.